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HPTAPractical Urban Transportation Tournament Brantford Ontario October 23, 2004
Setting up the course.  Joe Mitrovic painting lane markings. Joe Mitrovic's sociable parked near the equipment trailer.  A shopper in the background checks out the used bikes for sale by HPTA. Joe Mitrovic, Reg Rodaro and others discuss Reg's Stormy Weayher velomobiles.
Joe Mitrovic's tadpole trike infront of Reg's velomobile.  Joe hopes to fit a fairing like that to his trike. Mike Channon's trike in front of Reg's velomobile.  Yes, I thhink it would fit.... Les Sutch and Steve Robson deep in discussion about bikes.
Jay Dixon trying to herd cats; otherwise known as a competitors meeting. Entrant's vehicles lined up prior to the static evaluation; Reg's velomobiles, Joe's trike with trailer followed by his sociable, Mike Channon's trike. Rob Wazny signing in.  That is Rob's trike which he rode in from Hamilton.

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