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HPTA Fall Ride, Brantford Ontario, October 25, 2003
Stan Stokes and Bob Bechey discuss Bob's SWB, Stan's No Weld SWB is in the foreground Boom connection on Stan Stokes' No Weld bike The Bob Bechey built SWB Activity at Mohawk Park parking lot Gosse VanOosteen and Reg Rodaro walk towards the HPVs;Mike Channon's trike, Stan Stokes and Bob Bechey SWBs and Jay Dixon's faired Greenspeed. Bob Bechey at right looking at Eco Cycle Voyageur trike
Jay Dixon getting her hands dirty adjusting the Voyageur trike to fit Gosse VanOosteen and describing the process to Bob Bechey Joe Mitrovic built trike- front view Joe Mitrovic built trike- side view Steering details on the Joe Mitrovic built trike- That's side stick steering a la bulldozer Reg Rodaro and his velomobile
On the road- First stop, donuts and coffee On the road- Jay Dixon in her Greenspeed based velomobile and Bob Bechey on his SWB On the road- Reg Rodaro velomobile and Mike Channon trike On the road- Joe Mitrovic On the road- Mike Channon lagging behind the group
On the road- regrouping; Bob Bechey with SWB, Les Sutch standing (sag wagon driver), Mike Channon, Joe Mitrovic, Gosse VanOosteen on trikes, Reg Rodaro and Jay Dixon in velomobiles On the road- regrouping again...Jay Dixon and Gosse VanOosteen Full frontal coverage- Jay Dixon in her velomobile Mohawk Park- The view from within Jay Dixons velomobile Mohawk Park- Joe Mitrovic and Bob Bechey man the BBQ

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