My Python

This is my version of the python bike. The steering utilizes two rod end bearings. Most of the bike is built from old bike parts. The seat, from another bike project is built from 1/2" EMT and lawn chair webbing. The spring is from an old race car project and is actually a cut down helper spring. Two springs intertwined were needed to get enough stiffness. The rear end swings on a front wheel hub braised into the main frame.

My Python at the test ride stage

A close up view of the steering on my python. Note the two rod end bearings and the long 1/2" bolt through the former brake mounting holes on the forks. A cut off stem is braised between the forks and the handle bar is fastened there.

Steering details

I have converted my bike to a trike for the winter by changing the back end. The rear frame was built by Les Sutch from Brantford as part of a different trike. I adapted it to this bike by adding the fork which attaches to the suspension pivot of the front part of the python. I now need to add fenders for bad weather.

trike conversion

trike rear part