Shane Cook & Troy MacGillivray
with Ray Legere, Skip Holmes and Tiffany Fewster

Shane Cook – Fiddle
Troy MacGillivray – Fiddle & Piano
Ray Legere – Mandolin & Guitar
Skip Holmes – Guitar & Bazooki

Canadian and US National Fiddle Champion Shane Cook and 2008 East Coast Music Award Winner Troy MacGillivray live nearly 2000 km’s apart and come from different traditions, but their contrasting styles are nothing but complimentary. Their performances join Shane’s swinging Ontario-oldtime fiddle with Troy’s driving Nova Scotian fiddle and piano. The result is a wonderful opportunity to hear two of the top players in the respective traditions. Individually, these two fiddlers are virtuosic musicians and dynamic performers; together, stimulating and feeding off of each other and their top-tier back-up musicians, they are inspirational. They are often joined by Nova Scotian multi-instrumentalist Skip Holmes, New Brunswick bluegrass legend, mandolin player Ray Legere and Canadian Step-Dancing Champion Tiffany Fewster.


Shane Cook and Brian Pickell

The new duo of Shane Cook and Brian Pickell, often joined by Canadian Champion step-dancer Tiffany Fewster, thrives on an exciting mix of dynamic musicianship and engaging stage presence and is quickly building a reputation as funny and spontaneous.

Shane consistently amazes audiences with virtually flawless performances. His expressive playing draws on the dancibility and drive of his native Canadian old-time playing while his Irish, Scottish and Bluegrass playing is as adventurous as it is technically thrilling. Shane is also an accomplished Texas-swing style fiddler as this was the style of play required to win the US National Championship.

Equally versatile is Brian, who on guitars, mandolin, banjo and vocals has been playing, recording, and composing traditional music for over twenty-five years, with The Humber River Valley Boys, Ian Bell and the Dawnbreakers, The Pierre Schryer Band and The Brian Pickell Band. While Brian’s compositions are being played internationally, his sympathetic harmonies and rhythm's make him one Canada's finest accompanists in traditional music.

Listen to Shane and Brian play “The End of Winter Set


"Bowfire demonstrates what the violin and fiddle can do in the hands of masters... an evening of show stopping hits strung together in glorious sequence... awesome"

- The Record

Shane has recently completed tours in Canada, the U.S. and Taiwan as a member of the Lenny Solomon production “Bowfire.” This Canadian show presents 10 of the leading names in each genre of modern violin and fiddle playing on one stage, in one spectacular concert event. It is a collection of critically acclaimed violinists & fiddlers whose expertise encompasses styles as diverse as classical, jazz, country, rock, old-time, Texas-style, bluegrass, gypsy, eclectic, Celtic, and electric.

Bowfire is: Stephane Allard; Stephane Cadman; Shane Cook; Bogdan Djukic; George Gao; Ray Legere; Jon Pilatzke; Lenny Solomon; Lara St. John; Kelli Trottier; and Richard Wood; along with Bill Bridges, guitar; Lew Mele, bass; Kevan McKenzie, drums & percussion; Bernie Senensky, piano; Wendy Solomon, cello

Listen To "Bowfire Live"

Brian Pickell Band

With the help of 20 musicians, including 10 of the country's finest fiddlers Brian Pickell produced a CD featuring 33 of his own compositions and songs that The Green Man Review described as "highly recommended" and "one of this reviewer's leading contenders for Canadian album of the year."

As a natural outgrowth of this happy success, there is now a powerful, high-spirited live-performance group of four to six, drawn from the pool of players who came together for the CD. This collection of Canadian virtuosos of traditional music is The Brian Pickell Band:

Brian Pickell: guitar, mandolin and vocals
Shane Cook: fiddle
Mark Sullivan: fiddle
James Stephens: fiddle, mandolin, viola and vocals
Pat O'Gorman: flute, pipes and whistle
Julie Schryer: piano

Shane Cook and Brian Pickell




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