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Shane Cook & Troy MacGillivray
When Here Meets There (2008)

Shane Cook – Fiddle, Viola
Troy MacGillivray – Fiddle, Piano
Ray Legere – Mandolin
Skip Holmes – Guitar, Bazooki
Scott MacMillan – Guitar
Mike Bryan – Guitar
Lew Mele – Acoustic Bass
Bernie Senensky – Accordion

“For those of you who don’t know him, Troy MacGillivray of Lanark, Antigonish Co., Nova Scotia, is an accomplished fiddler, pianist and step dancer who most recently won the 2008 East Coast Music Award for Instrumental Album of the Year. He is one of my favorite musicians and has one dry sense of humour!”
Listen to:   New Tune Makers
Listen to:   Ward Allenís Two-Step

1 New Tune Makers
Archie Menzies (John Lowe),
Champagne Breakfast (Brian Pickell),
New Tune Makers of 2007 (Troy MacGillivray)

2 Winston
A Winston Jig in A, Boston Life (Frank Ferrel),
Traditional Jig, Mary’s Return Home (Troy MacGillivray),
Ottawa Valley Fiddle Camp 2007 (Troy MacGillivray)

3 Ward Allen’s Two-Step
Maple Leaf Two-Step (Ward Allen), The Parry Sound

4 The Glasgow Session
Dr Fiona's Cuthill's Hornpipe,
Touring with Kristine,
Glasgow Session,
Dr. Kevin and Denise O’Halloran (all Troy MacGillivray)

5 La Belle Époque
Valse Yolande and La Belle Époque (both Yvon Cuillerier) 

6 Being Jerry Holland
The Suitcase Surprise,
The Mischievous Combination,
Being Jerry Holland
(all Shane Cook)

7 Bovaglie's Plaid
(J. Scott Skinner)

8 Ti-Jean Carignan’s
The Straight Jigs
9 For Nuala
Swinging on a Gate,
John’s Tune (John Afton MacLellan),For Nuala
(Troy MacGillivray)

10 The Talisker High Bass Set
The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside March (J. Scott Skinner),
Bogniebrae Strathspey (J. Scott Skinner), Talisker Strathspey
(J Scott Skinner),Tracking Lanark,
The Octogenarian (Ted Nichols),
Traditional Pipe Reel

11 Piano Jigs
Close to the Floor,
Jerry’s Beaver Hat,
The Stick Across the Hob

12 Neuketyneuks
Dennis Morrison’s Double Bass Reel in F (Fiona Driver),
Neuketyneuks (Fiona Driver),
Tour 25 (Catriona Price)

13 Foolin’ Around
(JT Perkins)

14 Not For Radio Set
Cadre Style of Jig,
Le Tourment (Jean-Paul Loyer),
Jig du Joliette,
Reel de Napoleon,
Reel Beatrice

15 The Reprobate
Gallagher's Jig,
Dusky Meadow Strathspey,
Berrigan's Folly (Matt MacIsaac),
The Reprobate (Danny O'Connell)

Shane Cook (2005)
(Canadian Oldtime Fiddle Standards)
Shane Cook: fiddle, feet
Ray Legere : mandolin
Brian Pickell: guitar
Kim Holmes: piano
Lew Mele: bass

"This hot-swinging oldtime band pays homage to my favourite Canadian fiddlers by playing many of the standards of our oldtime tradition, while at the same time contributing to the healthy growth of the tradition with the inclusion of several new compositions."
Listen to:   Goldenrod
Listen to:   Crooked Stovepipe

1 Goldenrod
(Wilf Gillis)
Alex MacDonnell's Favorite (Dan R. MacDonald)
Buttermilk Mary

2 Crooked Stovepipe
Two-Step D'Armand
(Graham Townsend)

3 Old Man and Woman Mother's
(Don Messer)

4 Flower of the Flock
Madame Neruda

5 Our Waltz
(Randy Howard)

6 Murray River Jig
(Graham Townsend)
Mason's Apron

7 Don Messer's Breakdown (Don Messer)
Sherbrooke Reel
Anne Marie (Don Messer)

8 Poor Girl's Waltz
(Andy Dejarlis)
Village Carousel Waltz
(Andy Dejarlis)

9 Moll in the Wad
Royal Wedding (Don Messer)
Frank's (John McCusker)

10 End of Winter (Brian Pickell)
Holding Aine (Brian Pickell)
Cottonwoods (Shane Cook and Gordon Stobbe)

11 Shingle the Roof
Diamond Lil
Mouth of the Tobique

12 Maids of Arrochar
Mystery Strathspey
Lennox's Love to Blantyre
Reichswall Forest
(Dan R. MacDonald)

13 Hangman's


Sundry (2001)

“From the fiery bowings of Celtic, to the danceable rhythms of Oldtime, to the vast variations of Texas Swing…”
Listen to:   Tune For Andy
Listen to:   Tommy Peoples Set

1 Tommy Peoples
Beare Island Reel
The Little Red Hill

2 Traditional Clog
Blue Angel Jig
Traditional Reel
Sam Cormier’s
The Olive Branch

3 Garrett Barry’s
Sleeve Russell

4 Minho Waltz-Clog
Tom Ward’s Downfall
Maids of Castlebar

5 Redemption

6 Scotch Style
Ingonish Jig
The Bonny Lea Rig
Cheticamp Jig

7 Live Round from the ‘US National Oldtime Fiddlers Contest’
Say Old Man
Old South Waltz
Black and White Rag

8 Sally Goodin

9 Westphalia Waltz
Golden Fiddle Waltz

10 Tune for Andy

11 Featuring Kyle Cook
Tea Gardens Jig
Ribgrass Jig

12 Featuring Kyle Cook
Walking Up Town

13 Live from the ‘US National Oldtime Fiddlers Contest’
Done Gone

14 Live from the ‘US National Oldtime Fiddlers Contest’
Sally Johnson

15 Don’t Let the Deal Go Down

Heritage Fiddles (1996)
CD's SOLD OUT Cassettes $12

1. Red Lion Hornpipe
Village Bells Hornpipe

2. Yellow Rose Waltz

3. Star of Munster

4. Our Highland Queen

5. Black and White Rag

6. Reel for Carl

7. Banks Hornpipe
Madame Neruda

8. Hector the Hero
Clarke Road March
Marchioness of Huntly Strathspey
A Cape Breton Welcome to the Shetland Islands

9. The Mathematician Clog
It’s in “D”
Donegal Reel
Bonnie Kate

10. Cancun Waltz

11. Nearer My God to Thee

12. Rag Time Annie

13. What a Friend We Have in Jesus

14. Ashokan Farewell

15. The Old Box Stove

16. Lake Superior Waltz

17. Reg Bouvette Memorial Two-Step

18. Smile the While

Cookin’ on the Fiddle (1994)

1. Halifax County Hornpipe
Timbertown Reel

2. Nova Scotia Breakdown
Carbonelle's Reel

3. Skye Boat Song
Silver Tipped Bow
Spey of Spate
Moving Cloud
Archie Menzie's

4. Shandon Bells

5. Princess of Wales Waltz

6. Sam’s Sugar Bush Jig
Smith’s Jig

7. Dan’s Hornpipe

8. Anne Marie Reel
Uncle Henry’s Reel
Big John McNeil
Florence’s Fiddle

9. Don Messer’s Memorial Waltz

10. Randall’s Hornpipe
Logger’s Breakdown
Frenchie’s Hornpipe
High Level Hornpipe

11. Doreen’s Waltz

12. Expo ’86 Jig

13. Golden Eagle Hornpipe
Schryer’s Breakdown






When Here Meets There

“When Here Meets There is an exciting new collaboration between two young Canadian fiddlers at the top of their game… While each fiddler brings to the album a flavour of his own, the contrast between their playing is nothing but complementary…When Here Meets There, when Ontario meets Nova Scotia, when Canadian old-time, Cape Breton, French-Canadian, Orkney, Texas, Antigonish Co. and other styles and tunes from a variety of traditions meet on this album, the result is truly magical.”
Dr. Sherry Johnson

York University, Toronto

Shane Cook latest cd

Shane Cook, Shane Cook: The Dorchester fiddler is still in his early 20s, but he has been making good records since 1994, at least. This loving and brilliantly played tribute to the Canadian old-time fiddle tradition brings together a great lineup -- Cook, mandolin player Ray Legere, pianist Kim Holmes, guitarist Brian Pickell and bassist Lew Mele. Relaxed, sprightly and precise, it was recorded at the Cook family home. A tear comes to my eye when Cook plays Don Messer's Breakdown, as a young master gestures to a dear departed hero. Co-produced by Cook and Legere.

                                -James Reaney, London Free Press



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